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  • Product information: Pneumatic three-piece threaded ball valve with G thread, pneumatic switch ball valve with limit switch

    Pneumatic three-piece threaded ball valve with G thread, pneumatic switch ball valve with limit switch

    Product number: FLOWX
    Brand: Frasi
    • ≧ 1
      $ 1800.00
    Where: Minhang District, Shanghai
    Updated: 2017-06-26
    G 螺纹、气动开关球阀配限位开关,法兰连接, DIN3202F4/F5 AISI316 不锈钢,防火,防静电结构,带执行器。 Pneumatic three-piece threaded ball valve G thread, pneumatic switch ball valve with limit switch, flange connection, DIN3202F4 / F5 , AISI316 stainless steel, fireproof, antistatic structure, with actuator.
    -20℃ 150℃ Applicable temperature: -20 ℃ to 150 ℃
    Connection method: wafer type, flange type
    PN16/25/40 Working pressure: PN16 / 25/40
    SS304 SS316 SS304L SS316L WCB Body material: SS304 , SS316 , SS304L , SS316L , WCB
    SS316 、陶瓷 Material of sphere: SS316 , ceramic
    PTFE PPR 、陶瓷、合金钢 Seat material: PTFE , PPR , ceramic, alloy steel
    Applicable medium: water, gas, oil, powder particles, flue gas desulfurization
    6 10mm 的软管和硬管接头(请在订货时注明) Air Cylinders: 6 to 10mm hoses and hard pipe joints (please specify when ordering)
    DIBT4 隔爆电磁阀以及本安型电磁阀 Cylinder solenoid valve: two-position five-way (double acting), two-position three-way (single acting), optional DIBT4 flameproof solenoid valve and intrinsically safe solenoid valve
    Echo: Signal feedback device (mechanical feedback), inductive feedback device (magnetic induction)
    Triple pieces: filtering (filtering impurities in the air), decompression (adjusting the pressure of the air source), fuel injection (lubricating the cylinder)
    Bypass clutch: used in cylinders and valves (valve opening and closing without air supply)
    4-20mA 模拟信号进行阀门的开度调节(也可选配 4-20mA 模拟信号反馈模块) Electrical positioner: adjust valve opening degree according to 4-20mA analog signal (optional 4-20mA analog signal feedback module is also available )
    一切追求高质量,用户满意为宗旨 的精神,以 ***优惠的价格、***周到的服务、***可靠的产品质量 的原则向您郑重承诺: In order to meet the comprehensive needs of customers, we are in the spirit of " all pursuit of high quality and customer satisfaction " , with the principle of " *** preferential prices, *** attentive service, *** reliable product quality " Solemn promise to you:
    The company provides you with free technical consultation. When necessary, the product information can participate in the design of products with special requirements and calculate the technical parameters of users' special requirements.
    On sale
    Delivery time commitment
    ( 不可抗力原因除外 ); 如遇到客户在现场设备存放上有问题的话,本公司可以将自身的产品仓库作为客户的产品仓库来处理,在客户对我们产品放心的同时,感到使用我公司的产品便捷、称心。 The company's delivery will be strictly in accordance with the time stipulated in the contract ( except for reasons of force majeure ); if the customer has problems with the storage of on-site equipment, the company can treat its own product warehouse as the customer's product warehouse and While rest assured of our products, I feel that using our products is convenient and satisfying.
    Quality assurance
    The company guarantees that the goods provided are brand new and unused, use the best materials and first-class technology, and meet the quality, specifications and performance requirements stipulated in the contract in all aspects. Responsible for defects or malfunctions caused.
    After sale
    The company establishes a dedicated customer profile. Remind customers when the maintenance period comes, and provide technical support and services. Life-long tracking cooperates with the user's maintenance and maintenance of the equipment.
    本公司对产品的质保期为自货物通过***终验收起 12 个月,在质保期内三包。 I. The company's warranty period for the product is 12 months from the final inspection and acceptance of the goods .
    定期派遣*技术人员回访用户,并提供技术支持。 2. Regularly dispatch * technical personnel to return to visit users and provide technical support.
    客户在安装过程中如需技术支持,公司将无偿派遣售后服务人员提供技术咨询服务 ; 客户在安装或使用过程中发生问题,公司在接到客户的通知后, 1 小时技术响应, 4 小时内制定出服务方案,派员 4-72 小时内到达现场。 3. If the customer needs technical support during the installation process, the company will send free after-sales service personnel to provide technical consulting services ; if a problem occurs during the installation or use of the customer, the company will receive a 1 hour technical response and 4 hours after receiving the customer's notification A service plan is formulated within the team and dispatched personnel arrive at the scene within 4-72 hours.
    本公司可为客户提供一流的售后服务。 Fourth, the company can provide customers with first-class after-sales service. Before the equipment is installed, the company will send engineers to provide technical training for equipment installation, commissioning and use personnel.
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