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  • Product information: 58P-4 * 4 58P-4 * 3 Dorot 58P backwash valve

    58P-4 * 4 58P-4 * 3 Dorot 58P backwash valve

    Product number: 58P-4 * 3
    Brand: DOROT
    • ≧ 1
      $ 1000.00
    Where: Minhang District, Shanghai
    Updated: 2020-02-13
    反冲洗阀 58P-4 * 4 58P-4 * 3 Dorot 58P backwash valve
    型号反冲洗阀 58P type backwash valve
    ; 专为自动反冲洗过滤器系统设计制造。 Direct diaphragm sealed valve, body material is glass fiber reinforced polyamide ; specially designed and manufactured for automatic backwash filter system.
    [Technical Features ]
    抗锈蚀性强 ( 另提供可用于海水和腐蚀性介质的反冲洗阀 ) Strong rust resistance ( also available with backwash valve for seawater and corrosive media )
    阀体强度高 阀体材质为玻璃纤维增强聚酰胺 (GRP) High body strength The body is made of glass fiber reinforced polyamide (GRP)
    结构简单、重量轻、易维护 Simple structure, light weight and easy maintenance
    阀门在整个工作过程中无摩擦运行 Frictionless operation of the valve during the entire working process
    安装简便、无需任何特殊工具和安装技术 Easy installation without any special tools and installation techniques
    专门为碟片和介质自动过滤系统设计制造 Specially designed and manufactured for automatic disc and media filtration system
    [After-sales service]
    Customers buying our products are just the beginning of the interaction with our company and the beginning of the after-sales service department. During the entire stage of using our Fressi products, our after-sales service department will provide thoughtful, enthusiastic, meticulous and timely service. Let customers feel at ease and use our Fresci valve products without worries, and truly appreciate the convenience and profit value created by Fressi for customers, so that customers can buy more assured products. Fracy is trustworthy.
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