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  • Product information: Pneumatic three-way valve, Pneumatic Y-type three-way ball valve, Pneumatic stainless steel Y-type ball valve

    Pneumatic three-way valve, pneumatic Y-type three-way ball valve, pneumatic stainless steel Y-type ball valve

    Product number: FPE2010
    Brand: FLOWX
    • ≧ 1
      $ 1800.00
    Where: Minhang District, Shanghai
    Updated: 2020-02-21
    Y 型三通球阀粉料专用阀门之一。 One of the special powder valve for Fressy Y type three-way ball valve.
    Y 型三通球阀与阀座密封根据工况不同,可分别采用软密封 , 喷焊镍基合金(硬度大于 HRC60 ),超音速涂钨钴合金(硬度大于 HRC70 )及特种硬化材料等多种先进工艺,适用各种苛刻工况 , 软密封适用 200℃ 以下工况,硬密封碳钢不超过 425℃ ,不锈钢不超过 450 Fressey Y -type three-way ball valve and seat seal can be used soft seals , spray-welded nickel-based alloys (hardness greater than HRC60 ), supersonic tungsten-cobalt-coated alloys (hardness greater than HRC70 ) and special hardened materials according to different working conditions . A variety of advanced processes, suitable for a variety of harsh conditions , soft seals are suitable for conditions below 200 ℃ , hard sealed carbon steel does not exceed 425 ℃ , stainless steel does not exceed 450.
    L 型球阀,三通 T 型球阀,三通 Y 型球阀。 There are three types of three - way ball valves, three-way L -type ball valves, three-way T -type ball valves, and three-way Y -type ball valves. 型三通球阀用于介质流向的切换,能使相互垂直的两个通道连通; T 型三通球阀用于介质的分流、合流及流向切换, T 型孔道可以使三个通道互相连通或使用其中的两个通道连通,三通球阀一般采用两阀座结构,亦可根据用户要求采用四阀座结构。 L -type three-way ball valve is used to switch the flow direction of the medium, which can communicate the two channels that are perpendicular to each other; T -type three-way ball valve is used to switch the flow of the medium, merge, and flow direction. The T -type channel can make the three channels communicate or use each other. The two channels are connected. The three-way ball valve generally adopts a two-seat structure, and a four-seat structure can also be used according to user requirements. 型三通球阀有相互成 120 °和两通孔成 135 ° , 根据需要可实现对介质流向切换两种工况。 The Y -type three-way ball valve has 120 ° with each other and 135 ° with two through holes , and can switch between two working conditions according to the needs of the medium flow direction.
    因为您正好需要,而我正好*! ”—— 弗雷西阀门 您身边的世界级阀门供应商 " Because you happen to need it, and I happen to be *! " —— Fresi Valve The world-class valve supplier near you
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