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    Fresci valve-pneumatic ball valve, pneumatic butterfly valve applied to Quaker Chemical (China) Co., Ltd. project

    2015-06-30 10:33:38
    ( 中国 ) 有限公司 Case name: Quaker Chemical ( China ) Co., Ltd.
    Application products: Pneumatic ball valve, pneumatic butterfly valve
    ` 汽车制造业、金属加工及矿山行业的化工产品,并为制造商提供化学管理服务的全球性公司。 Case introduction: Quaker Chemical Company is headquartered in Pennsylvania, USA, and listed on the New York Stock Market. It is a company that develops, produces, and sells chemical products mainly used in the steel industry, automobile manufacturing, metal processing, and mining industries. A global company providing chemical management services. 年公司又在青浦工业开发区投资建立奎克化学 ( 中国 ) 有限公司,使用我司气动球阀,气动蝶阀产品。 In 2006 , the company invested and established Quaker Chemical ( China ) Co., Ltd. in Qingpu Industrial Development Zone , using our pneumatic ball valves and pneumatic butterfly valve products.

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